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Elsa’s kopje is located on Mugwongo hill inside Meru national park, north of the equator on the eastern side of Mt Kenya.

The building of this lodge was the beginning of a journey for Mark. The design criteria of  the project was to make the relationship between the buildings and their surroundings as harmonious as possible.  Cheli & Peacock’s director Stephano Cheli was the owner of the lodge and oversaw the development of the project. Stephano, Mark and Paul Njuguna designed and executed the project, the building designs evolved through discussion.
Eight spacious and elegant en-suite, open plan cottages were individually crafted to incorporate the natural features of the kopje, encompassing boulders, and wrapping around trees. The mess area looks east towards Kora National reserve over the main infinity pool which hugs a vast granite rock face
The private house was later added, consisting of two rooms and an infinity pool, the buildings were more clean cut and contemporary than the previous buildings.

Weathered rocks from the area were used for most of the walls, with utmost care taken to resemble the hill side. Dried Doum palm and Terminalia served as most of the uprights, sanded eucalyptus poles provided the roof structure for the local twisted thatch to be sewn on to. The buildings floor finishes were a combination of treated Cyprus floors or an oxide stained color cement ‘Niro’.

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